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Error Helpful Ressources for HPC Admin

Hi Everyone
I am new to this valuable forum and would like to ask members for some helpful resources to learn HPC administration and monitoring resources such as webinars, websites, forums, books, and moocs as I need them to get more competencies to my career.
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XtGetApplicationResources(3Xt)					   XT FUNCTIONS 				    XtGetApplicationResources(3Xt)

XtGetApplicationResources, XtVaGetApplicationResources - obtain application resources SYNTAX
void XtGetApplicationResources(w, base, resources, num_resources, args, num_args) Widget w; XtPointer base; XtResourceList resources; Cardinal num_resources; ArgList args; Cardinal num_args; void XtVaGetApplicationResources(w, base, resources, num_resources,...) Widget w; XtPointer base; XtResourceList resources; Cardinal num_resources; ARGUMENTS
args Specifies the argument list to override resources obtained from the resource database. base Specifies the base address of the subpart data structure where the resources should be written. num_args Specifies the number of arguments in the argument list. num_resources Specifies the number of resources in the resource list. resources Specifies the resource list for the subpart. or that identifies the resource database to search w Specifies the widget that wants resources for a subpart. ... Specifies the variable arguments to override resources obtained from the resource database. DESCRIPTION
The XtGetApplicationResources function first uses the passed widget, which is usually an application shell, to construct a resource name and class list, Then, it retrieves the resources from the argument list, the resource database, or the resource list default values. After adding base to each address, XtGetApplicationResources copies the resources into the address given in the resource list. If args is NULL, num_args must be zero. However, if num_args is zero, the argument list is not referenced. The portable way to specify application resources is to declare them as members of a structure and pass the address of the structure as the base argument. SEE ALSO
X Toolkit Intrinsics - C Language Interface Xlib - C Language X Interface X Version 11 Release 6.6 XtGetApplicationResources(3Xt)

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