Helpful Ressources for HPC Admin

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Error Helpful Ressources for HPC Admin

Hi Everyone
I am new to this valuable forum and would like to ask members for some helpful resources to learn HPC administration and monitoring resources such as webinars, websites, forums, books, and moocs as I need them to get more competencies to my career.
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dxproctuner(8)						      System Manager's Manual						    dxproctuner(8)

dxproctuner - Manages and monitors system processes
Process Tuner accepts all of the standard X Toolkit command line options, which are documented in the OPTIONS section in the X(1X) refer- ence page.
The Process Tuner application, dxproctuner, is used to monitor and manage processes. Use Process Tuner to: Display a list of processes and their characteristics Display the processes running for yourself or all users Display and modify process priorities Send a signal to a process The Process Tuner application can be invoked from the CDE Application Manager from the following categories: Application Group: System_Admin System Admin Subgroup: MonitoringTuning
To start Process Tuner from the command line, enter: dxproctuner You can view the Process Tuner online help volume without running the application. To open the Process Tuner help volume from the command line, enter the following command: /usr/dt/bin/dthelpview -h /usr/dt/appconfig/help/C/Dxproctuner.sdl
Contains user preferences that control the appearance of the application Contains the Process Tuner application executable Contains the Process Tuner help volume Contains the default values for the application's X resources
Commands: kill(1), ps(1), X(1X) System Calls: exit(2), kill(2), sigaction(2) Files: signal(4) dxproctuner(8)

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