Postgresql Database Corrupt

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Postgresql Database Corrupt

I am managing a linux cluster which has been build on Platform Cluster Manager PCM 1.2.1) from IBM Platform Computing. Unfortunately somebody deteled data files of postgresql from /var/lib directory. I somehow managed to start the postmaster service again, but all the administrative commands of cluster are not not working. like addhost

[root@pmd ~]# addhost
KusuDB: Operational Error occurred when connecting to the DB
       Most likely cause: insufficient permissions for user=nobody
FATAL:  database "kusudb" does not exist

ERROR:  Database query failed!  Make sure the database is available

[root@pmd ~]#

I dont want to rebuild cluster as it will lead to the loss of much effort which I did on installing certain applications and running them on the cluster.
Please help me !

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If the primary files and any mirrors are gone, restore from the transaction logs is usually the only path.
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where I can find the transaction logs
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