request more nodes

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request more nodes

I am new to cluster commands. But I have tried utilizing: -pe, but I do not know my parallel computing environment. We are running SGE, is there a simpler command to request more nodes?

qsub -N auto -M -m abe

does not email me at all.

Help would be appreciated
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DSHBAK(1)						      General Commands Manual							 DSHBAK(1)

dshbak - format output from pdsh command
dshbak [OPTION]..
The dshbak program formats pdsh pdsh output for humans. Output from each node is consolidated, the leading "node:" is stripped, and a header block with the node name is added. If the -c option is specified, nodes with identical output are not displayed twice; instead, the header will contain a list of nodes. The list of nodes is further compressed into node ranges if the node names have a numeric suffix.
-h Display a summary of command line options. -c Do not display identical output from nodes twice. Instead, print the list of nodes with matching output in the header block. -d DIR Write consolidated node output to separate files in output directory DIR. Any existing files will be overwritten. -f With -d, force creation of specified DIR.
A rewrite of IBM dshbak(1) by Jim Garlick <> on LLNL's ASCI Blue-Pacific IBM SP system.
pdsh(1) 2011-02-26 DSHBAK(1)

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