Alternative to Sun Grid Engine

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Alternative to Sun Grid Engine

Does anybody know of a good alternative to Sun Grid Engine? It seems that Oracle is now charging for this software. I am running a HPC cluster that has Solaris 10 machines and I am adding some nodes that will be running Ubuntu 10.04, eventually the Solaris machines will be migrating to Ubuntu.
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ACCESS_LIST(5)						   Sun Grid Engine File Formats 					    ACCESS_LIST(5)

access_list - Sun Grid Engine access list file format DESCRIPTION
Access lists are used in Sun Grid Engine to define access permissions of users to queues (see queue_conf(5)) or parallel environments (see sge_pe(5)). A list of currently configured access lists can be displayed via the qconf(1) -sul option. The contents of each enlisted access list can shown via the -su switch. The output follows the access_list format description. New access lists can be created and exist- ing can be modified via the -au and -du options to qconf(1). Departments are a special form of access list that additionally allow assignment of functional shares and override tickets. Note, Sun Grid Engine allows backslashes () be used to escape newline ( ewline) characters. The backslash and the newline are replaced with a space (" ") character before any interpretation. FORMAT
The following list of access_list parameters specifies the access_list content: name The name of the access list as defined for userset_name in sge_types(1). type The type of the access list, currently one of ACL, or DEPT or a combination of both in a comma separated list. Depending on this parame- ter the access list can be used as access list only or as a department. oticket The amount of override tickets currently assigned to the department. fshare The current functional share of the department. entries The entries parameter contains the comma separated list of those UNIX users (see user_name in sge_types(1)) or those primary UNIX groups that are assigned to the access list or the department. Only a user's primary UNIX group is used; secondary groups are ignored. Only sym- bolic names are allowed. A group is differentiated from a user name by prefixing the group name with a '@' sign. Pure access lists allow enlisting any user or group in any access list. When using departments, each user or group enlisted may only be enlisted in one department, in order to ensure a unique assignment of jobs to departments. To jobs whose users do not match with any of the users or groups enlisted under entries the defaultdepartment is assigned, if existing. SEE ALSO
sge_intro(1), sge_types(1), qconf(1), sge_pe(5), queue_conf(5). COPYRIGHT
See sge_intro(1) for a full statement of rights and permissions. SGE 6.2u5 $Date$ ACCESS_LIST(5)

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