Alternative to Sun Grid Engine

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Alternative to Sun Grid Engine

Does anybody know of a good alternative to Sun Grid Engine? It seems that Oracle is now charging for this software. I am running a HPC cluster that has Solaris 10 machines and I am adding some nodes that will be running Ubuntu 10.04, eventually the Solaris machines will be migrating to Ubuntu.
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drmaa_misc(3)						       Sun Grid Engine DRMAA						     drmaa_misc(3)

drmaa_strerror, drmaa_get_contact, drmaa_version, drmaa_get_DRM_system - Miscellaneous DRMAA functions. SYNOPSIS
#include "drmaa.h" const char *drmaa_strerror( int drmaa_errno ); int drmaa_get_contact( char *contact, size_t contact_len, char *error_diagnosis, size_t error_diag_len ); int drmaa_version( unsigned int *major, unsigned int *minor, char *error_diagnosis, size_t error_diag_len ); int drmaa_get_DRM_system( char *drm_system, size_t drm_system_len, char *error_diagnosis, size_t error_diag_len ); int drmaa_get_DRMAA_implementation( char *drm_impl, size_t drm_impl_len, char *error_diagnosis, size_t error_diag_len ); DESCRIPTION
The drmaa_strerror() function returns a message text associated with the DRMAA error number, drmaa_errno. For invalid DRMAA error codes `NULL' is returned. drmaa_get_contact() The drmaa_get_contact() returns an opaque string containing contact information related to the current DRMAA session to be used with the drmaa_init(3) function. The opaque string contains the information required by drmaa_init() to reconnect to the current session instead of creating a new session. drmaa_init(3) function. The drmaa_get_contact() function returns the same value before and after drmaa_init(3) is called. drmaa_version() The drmaa_version() function returns into the integers pointed to by major and minor, the major and minor version numbers of the DRMAA library. For a DRMAA 1.0 compliant implementation `1' and `0' will be returned in major and minor, respectively. drmaa_get_DRM_system() The drmaa_get_DRM_system() function returns into drm_system up to drm_system_len characters of a string containing Sun Grid Engine product and version information. The drmaa_get_DRM_system() function returns the same value before and after drmaa_init(3) is called. drmaa_get_DRMAA_implementation() The drmaa_get_DRMAA_implementation() function returns into drm_system up to drm_system_len characters of a string containing the Sun Grid Engine DRMAA implementation version information. In the current implementation, the drmaa_get_DRMAA_implementation() function returns the same result as the drmaa_get_DRM_system() function. The drmaa_get_DRMAA_implementation() function returns the same value before and after drmaa_init(3) is called. ENVIRONMENTAL VARIABLES
SGE_ROOT Specifies the location of the Sun Grid Engine standard configuration files. SGE_CELL If set, specifies the default Sun Grid Engine cell to be used. To address a Sun Grid Engine cell Sun Grid Engine uses (in the order of precedence): The name of the cell specified in the environment variable SGE_CELL, if it is set. The name of the default cell, i.e. default. SGE_DEBUG_LEVEL If set, specifies that debug information should be written to stderr. In addition the level of detail in which debug infor- mation is generated is defined. SGE_QMASTER_PORT If set, specifies the tcp port on which sge_qmaster(8) is expected to listen for communication requests. Most installations will use a services map entry instead to define that port. RETURN VALUES
Upon successful completion, drmaa_get_contact(), drmaa_version(), and drmaa_get_DRM_system() return DRMAA_ERRNO_SUCCESS. Other values indi- cate an error. Up to error_diag_len characters of error related diagnosis information is then provided in the buffer error_diagnosis. ERRORS
The drmaa_get_contact(), drmaa_version(), drmaa_get_DRM_system(), and drmaa_get_DRMAA_implementation() will fail if: DRMAA_ERRNO_INTERNAL_ERROR Unexpected or internal DRMAA error, like system call failure, etc. DRMAA_ERRNO_DRM_COMMUNICATION_FAILURE Could not contact DRM system for this request. DRMAA_ERRNO_AUTH_FAILURE The specified request is not processed successfully due to authorization failure. DRMAA_ERRNO_INVALID_ARGUMENT The input value for an argument is invalid. DRMAA_ERRNO_NO_MEMORY Failed allocating memory. The drmaa_get_contact() and drmaa_get_DRM_system() will fail if: DRMAA_ERRNO_NO_ACTIVE_SESSION Failed because there is no active session. SEE ALSO
drmaa_session(3). SGE 6.2u5 $Date$ drmaa_misc(3)

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