HPL on Rocks 5.3

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HPL on Rocks 5.3

I am new to cluster benchmarking wondering if there was any guide available that I missed in my google searchs for HPL.
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wmemcmp(3C)						   Standard C Library Functions 					       wmemcmp(3C)

wmemcmp - compare wide-characters in memory SYNOPSIS
#include <wchar.h> int wmemcmp(const wchar_t *ws1, const wchar_t *ws2, size_t n); DESCRIPTION
The wmemcmp() function compares the first n wide-characters of the object pointed to by ws1 to the first n wide-characters of the object pointed to by ws2. This function is not affected by locale and all wchar_t values are treated identically. The null wide-character and wchar_t values not corresponding to valid characters are not treated specially. If n is zero, ws1 and ws2 must be a valid pointers and the function behaves as if the two objects compare equal. RETURN VALUES
The wmemcmp() function returns an integer greater than, equal to, or less than 0, accordingly as the object pointed to by ws1 is greater than, equal to, or less than the object pointed to by ws2. ERRORS
No errors are defined. ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Interface Stability |Standard | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |MT-Level |MT-Safe | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
wmemchr(3C), wmemcpy(3C), wmemmove(3C), wmemset(3C), attributes(5), standards(5) SunOS 5.10 14 Aug 2002 wmemcmp(3C)

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