Installation of MPI in a cluster of SMPs

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Installation of MPI in a cluster of SMPs


I've installed mpich2 v. 1.2.1p1 on a cluster of dual-processors with the default options (in previous versions I used 'ssm' device, but now I use 'nemesis').

I'd like that every time I execute a job (e.g. with 2 MPI-processes), each job's process be dispatched on a different machine (until to complete the maximum number of machines) and not on a same machine, viz :

Job A with 2 process:

Machine 1:
CPU0 Empty
CPU1 Used
Machine 2:
CPU0 Empty
CPU1 Used

but now it is scheduled as

Machine 1:
CPU0 Used
CPU1 Used
Machine 2:
CPU0 Empty
CPU1 Empty

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MKEXFATFS(8)						      System Manager's Manual						      MKEXFATFS(8)

mkexfatfs - create an exFAT file system SYNOPSIS
mkexfatfs [ -i volume-id ] [ -n volume-name ] [ -p partition-first-sector ] [ -s sectors-per-cluster ] [ -v ] device DESCRIPTION
mkexfatfs creates an exFAT file system on a block device. device is a special file corresponding to the device. OPTIONS
Command line options available: -i volume-id A 32-bit hexadecimal number. By default a value based on current time is set. -n volume-name Volume name (label), up to 15 characters. By default no label is set. -p partition-first-sector First sector of the partition starting from the beginning of the whole disk. exFAT super block has a field for this value but in fact it's optional and does not affect anything. Default is 0. -s sectors-per-cluster Number of physical sectors per cluster (cluster is an allocation unit in exFAT). Must be a power of 2, i.e. 1, 2, 4, 8, etc. Cluster size can not exceed 32 MB. Default cluster sizes are: 4 KB if volume size is less than 256 MB, 32 KB if volume size is from 256 MB to 32 GB, 128 KB if volume size is 32 GB or larger. -v Print version and copyright. EXIT CODES
Zero is returned on successful creation. Any other code means an error. AUTHOR
Andrew Nayenko SEE ALSO
mkfs(8) January 2011 MKEXFATFS(8)

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