Veritas Cluster Server Management Console IP Failover

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Old 04-03-2009
Veritas Cluster Server Management Console IP Failover

I have just completed a first RTFM of "Veritas Cluster Server Management Console Implementation Guide" 5.1, with a view to assessing it to possibly make our working lives easier.

Unfortunately, at my organisation, getting a test installation would be worse than pulling teeth, so I can't just go and suck it and see.

If one uses this product to failover a SG from a local cluster to a remote one cluster, how are the changes to the attributes of the IP resources handled?


local SG = sg_local
IP resource name = ip_local
ip_local has attributes address=, netmask

But suppose I fail sg_local to a remote cluster at our DR site, we require
address =, netmask

Can one configure this information?

Currently we do such failover manually, and we maintain the "DR-version" of on the target DR cluster.
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Old 04-05-2009

we are doing this via 3DNS - the clusters are configured on both sides to connect to the 3DNS IP adress that fails over automatically to the DR site as soon as the PROD site is down.

Works perfectly fine.

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Old 04-06-2009
Originally Posted by zxmaus

we are doing this via 3DNS - the clusters are configured on both sides to connect to the 3DNS IP adress that fails over automatically to the DR site as soon as the PROD site is down.
Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately, we do not have that option.
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