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Sun Ray 1g thin client Software?

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Sun Ray 1g thin client Software?

I acquired a Sun Ray 1g thin client and i want to connect it to my Linux machine but i m having some difficulty finding software for it (sun ray server).
After some recearch i fount that the software can be downloaded from Oracle ,but only if i have support for it ,which i dont Smilie.Also i found an open source server but it only supports Sun Ray 2's!So is there any other way to connect the thin client with my machine and if not is there a way for it to work even with Windows?

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Around 2004-2005 there was a version for RedHat and Suse, but doubt if there would be anyone out there running it now - from memory it was Version 3.

So you may find it out there - but you'll have to hunt around for it.


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