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Epson Scanner

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# 1  
Epson Scanner

Running Debian 8.5 on a Dell Laptop

I have an Epson V39 scanner. Simple scan cannot detect it.
Here is what I have:

root@server1:/home/server1# sane-find-scanner
 # sane-find-scanner will now attempt to detect your scanner. If the
  # result is different from what you expected, first make sure your
  # scanner is powered up and properly connected to your computer.

  # No SCSI scanners found. If you expected something different, make sure that
  # you have loaded a kernel SCSI driver for your SCSI adapter.

found USB scanner (vendor=0x04b8 [EPSON], product=0x013d [Epson Perfection V39]) at libusb:003:010
  # Your USB scanner was (probably) detected. It may or may not be supported by
  # SANE. Try scanimage -L and read the backend's manpage.

  # Not checking for parallel port scanners.

  # Most Scanners connected to the parallel port or other proprietary ports
  # can't be detected by this program.
root@server1:/home/server1# scanimage -L

No scanners were identified. If you were expecting something different,
check that the scanner is plugged in, turned on and detected by the
sane-find-scanner tool (if appropriate). Please read the documentation
which came with this software (README, FAQ, manpages).

Followed the instructions. No luck

root@server1:/home/server1/Scan/iscan-bundle-1.0.0.x64.deb# ./

which simple-scan
No scanners were identified. If you were expecting something different,
check that the scanner is plugged in.


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It is a known problem. Epson support has a driver for the v39 foreach OS.

Epson Perfection V39 | Perfection Series | Scanners | Support | Epson US

Go there inside a browser on the debian box you want to upgrade. Download the file and run it as the root user in the terminal.
This User Gave Thanks to jim mcnamara For This Post:
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May I just add this. It was my first adventure with just the same OEM to install the scanner, by the way one of the real hurdles for Linux or Unix. Look for the vendor ID, this is the crucial point, because it comes along the reverse way.
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