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Does this hardware works with Linux

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Does this hardware works with Linux

Hello folks,

I pretend acquire this hardware:

1-Motherboard Asus Skt1151 - H110M-A/M.2 (;
2-Intel i5 6400 2.7Ghz QuadCore Skt1151;
2-Intel i5 6500 3.2Ghz QuadCore Skt1151;
3-Dimm 8GB DDR4 Kingston CL15 2133Mhz;

Obvious I pretend use penguin I use Lubuntu 16.04 LTS, because I like simplicity and I like save resource hardware to another tasks. I questioned if this setup it is totally compatible with Linux (debian, ubuntu, etc)

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Linux's relationship with hardware is very different than the relationship of Microsoft with hardware vendors. Linux doesn't know, or even care really, what model a motherboard is. It just scans the plug-and-play bus to get the list of devices, and checks whether it has drivers for them or not. This has always meant that "compatibility lists" for Linux are going to be very incomplete. Without buying and testing every possible motherboard on the planet, how would we ever know?

There is probably at least partial support for most PC hardware on the market, though, and workarounds for a lot of the rest, or eventual fixes. The biggest showstoppers are liable to be graphics related, as the drivers for those are always going to be proprietary, it seems, and fixes mean "bugging the vendor for a new version". Search for these motherboard models plus "linux" or "ubuntu" to see if any linux users have reported problems and/or workarounds for them. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, but until some other linux user buys it and tries it out and reports their success or failure, conclusive evidence will be scarce to none.

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