Flexvols NetApp FlexClone technology

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Flexvols NetApp FlexClone technology


Please help me understand Copy on Write technology in reference to Flexvols. NetApp FlexClone technology

This is in reference to Snap Clone: Instant, self-serviced database-on-demand

Best regards,
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NetApp::Snapshot(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				     NetApp::Snapshot(3pm)

NetApp::Snapshot -- OO class for creating and managing snapshots SYNOPSIS
use NetApp::Filer; use NetApp::Snapshot; my $filer = NetApp::Filer->new( .... ); DESCRIPTION
This class encapsulates a single NetApp snapshot, and provides methods for querying information about the snapshot, as well as methods for managing it. METHODS
get_parent Returns the NetApp::Aggregate or NetApp::Volume object for the aggregate or volume for which object is a snapshot. get_name Returns a string representing the name of the snapshot. get_date Returns the date the snapshot was created. get_used Returns the percentage of space used by snapshot. get_total Returns the percentage of total space used by the snapshot. get_snapshot_deltas Returns an array of NetApp::Snapshot:Delta objects, each representing a single delta for this snapshot. get_reclaimable Returns the amount of reclaimable space, if the snapshot is deleted. Note that experimentally, this command has a lot of failure scenarios, most of which are reasonable (there are a lot of cases where you can't query this data). Therefore, unlike most of the methods in this API, it doesn't raise a fatal exception if it can't query the information, it simply generates warnings. rename( $newname ) Renames the snapshot to the specified name. restore( %args ) This method is an interface to the "snap restore" command. The argument syntax is: $snapshot->restore( type => 'vol' | 'file', # Defaults to vol from_path => $from_path, to_path => $to_path, ); The 'type' argument maps to the -t CLI argument, and the 'to_path' argument maps to the -r CLI argument. Refer to the na_snap(1) man page, and the "snap restore" documentation for further information. perl v5.14.2 2008-11-26 NetApp::Snapshot(3pm)

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