Faulty parts in a frame

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Faulty parts in a frame


Following parts need to be replaced in a frame as suggested by IBM
1. Flexible Cable
2. Service Processor Card

Would these faulty parts impact all lpars which are there in this frame?

Best regards,
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You would need to confirm this with your hardware engineer and consider the redundancy in your frame. Do you have dual service processors? You don't tell us much about the machine (i.e. the model would be a useful start) so I can't give you any further guidance.

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I will gather the details and get back to you.

Best regards,

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This is the model no.

Best regards,
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I don't recognise the format. What's the manufacturer and OS?

If it's IBM AIX (suggested by the label LPAR), then run the command:-
lsattr -El sys0|grep model

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Hi Robin,

This is the model no. os is AIX

$ lsattr -El sys0|grep model
modelname IBM,9117-MMB Machine name False

Best regards,

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Wow, I'm a bit stumped now. I've found what looks like a hardware manual, but it's HUGE!

I'm not sure it makes great bedtime reading, but it might help - if you have a good chunk of time to find the appropriate section. Smilie

Maybe this location in the whole document will help:- Family 9117+03 IBM Power 770 Server MMB

Sorry it's not very specific Smilie

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