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How to reset lom password in netra T1?

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How to reset lom password in netra T1?

I bought Netra T1 some time ago and set user and password in LOMlite.It seems that I forgot the password.
When i connect to the server i get the LOMlite prompt.
Can anybody tell me what is the proper sequence or the right way to reset the LOMlite password/account.
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Originally Posted by hicksd8
Hello hicksd,
I've already tried this but with no success. LOM is booting but entering Escape key does nothing. I've also tried #. but with the same result. Tried both several times. Do you have any other ideas?
Thanks in advance.
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I assume that you don't have Solaris installed on this box?

---------- Post updated at 09:03 PM ---------- Previous update was at 08:22 PM ---------- you have a Solaris O/S CD/DVD for this box? If so, what Solaris version is it?
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Wrench If you can get onto the box

: If you can get onto the box :
Edit /platform/sun4u/kernel/drv/lom.conf
Change serial security=1 to serial security=0
Log into the LOM, reset the password
Change the serial security back to 1
Gud luck Smilie

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