Sun X4600 M2 enable Hyperthreading

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Sun X4600 M2 enable Hyperthreading

Booting and checking BIOS there is no option to enable-disable hyperthreading.
I have 8 Dual-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 8220 and I see 16 cores.
Enable hyperthreading I should have 32 cores.
I have red hat 5.4 installed.
Anyone know how can enable hypethreading ? I have last BIOS/Firmware installed.

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As far as I know AMD CPUs have the same number of threads as the number of cores. Intel CPUs have the HT technology, which exports more virtual CPUs to the operating system than the number of cores.
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In your motherboard BIOS to you see a
 Advanced -> CPU Core On/Off Function

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