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Please help, I need Sun W2100z/1100z Workstations Supplemental CD 2.5

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Special Forums Hardware Please help, I need Sun W2100z/1100z Workstations Supplemental CD 2.5
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Old 02-12-2012
Please help, I need Sun W2100z/1100z Workstations Supplemental CD 2.5


I am having issue with my SUN W2100z and search all around internet, found this posting on Unix Help Dashboad.

Wonder if I am able to get a copy of the Sun W2100z/1100z Workstations Supplemental CD 2.5 from anyone here.

Appreciate your help.

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Old 02-12-2012
You'll probably get more joy from your post on OTN if you mention your Country of origin. There are strict laws about exporting software. Oracle are often very helpful when you have a maintenance contract

Strongly advise that you seek advice from Oracle first and only buy from a second-user broker if Oracle state that the end result will be street legal.

It would be illegal for to supply you with copyright software or to ask our members to do the same.

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