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Connect SATA Laptop HardDrive to Desktop SATA Slots

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Special Forums Hardware Connect SATA Laptop HardDrive to Desktop SATA Slots
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Old 07-19-2010
Connect SATA Laptop HardDrive to Desktop SATA Slots

Hello everybody,
I need to connect a laptop 2.5 SATA hard drive to a Desktop board (which uses 3.5' SATA hard drives). I've tried the connectors and they fit excellent in the 2.5 SATA connectors.

The problem is that the laptop hard drive uses 5v and the PC's power source sends 12v. So, my question is, Will it work if i connect the 2.5 hd to the PC? Wouldn't it explode, or crash, or something like that?

Please excuse my english, it's not my mother language.
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Old 07-20-2010
In theory you should be alright provided you are using a SATA power cable coming directly from the power supply unit and not an adopter from a MOLEX power supply cable.

See section entitled Power Supply at Serial ATA - Wikipedia
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Old 07-20-2010
Hello fpmurphy and thanks for your quick reply.

I took the risk and connected the 2.5' laptop hard drive to the PC SATA connectors, and it worked perfectly, in fact, i'm writing this lines from the operating system i just installed in the 2.5' hard drive. =)

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Old 12-10-2010

I do this all the time for back ups. I Never encountered any errors. there are brackets you can get for the 2.5 " to fit and stay in desktops computers.
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Old 06-04-2011
Hi, I have the same question, but my desktop computer's hard drive has a SATA power cable which is plugged into a Molex 8981.

So what do you suggest me to do with it?

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