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Updating OBP on a Sun Sunfire 280R

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Special Forums Hardware Updating OBP on a Sun Sunfire 280R
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Old 05-07-2010
Updating OBP on a Sun Sunfire 280R


I'm a newbie in the Unix world... Smilie

I own a Sun Sunfire 280R computer with one 750Mhz CPU. I ordered two CPU of 900Mhz to replace it; however in the Service manual from Sun I read that to use 900Mhz CPU i will need to have a OBP of at least version 4.5.16. When I type .version in OBP here's what I get:

Release 4.5 Version 10 created 2002/02/11 10:38 
OBP 4.5.10 2002/02/11 10:38 
POST 4.5.9 2002/02/05 21:25

I seem to have OBP version 4.5.10, so I would like to upgrade my OBP.
How can I do that? To I need to buy a preprogrammed chip from Sun and install it in my computer or can I just download a new one and flash it somehow? Could someone please help me a little bit on that?


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Old 05-07-2010
you need to download this:
#118323-01: Sun Blade 1000, Sun Fire 280R, Netra[tm] T20, Sun Blade 2000
and follow the instructions inside the files README!
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Old 05-07-2010
Thanks for the info Smilie

But when reading the page I noticed this:
Note 1: If you have the frame buffer Raptor GFXP -04 REV 50
          (part 370-3753-04), you *must* install patch 110126-03 to upgrade the
          FCode in the card **BEFORE** you can do the firmware update. Revisions          -05 and up of the frame buffer are not affected.
          Failure to install the frame buffer patch (110126-03) will cause
          "FATAL" resets after the firmware update.

I know I have a Raptor PGX32 frame buffer, is there a way to know what version of the frame buffer FCode I have? Do I need to apply the moentioned patch?


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