How to scan Chromebook?

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How to scan Chromebook?

How to scan a Chromebook.

I just want to scan a chromebook like other OS and show the device details in our asset management tool.

While googling, we can open command prompt in chromebook as like of linux. I hope it is an unix based OS, so there might be some option to scan the machine as like of linux.

Kindly let me know that is there any way to scan that chromebook.

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Maybe you can lose lsof on Chrome OS?

I did a quick Google search and found a number of posts of people running lsof on Chrome.
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Hi Neo,

I try to connect to the chromebook using the cronos user, i couldn't. I tried the 'facepunch' password too.

What is the default password for the user 'chronos'.

Came to know that chronos is the default user from the below post.
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