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top in batch mode, cpu info is wrong

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Your output has 2 sections beginning with the word top and we want to print the second one.
After we met the second top i has the value 2.
i==2 is a condition here for awk, if it's true awk print the record per default so awk begins to print after we've reach the second top.
i==2 is similar to {if i == 2 {print $0}}

Have a read of an awk tutorial, you can find some links here:

Hope this helps.
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CPU(1)							      General Commands Manual							    CPU(1)

cpu - connection to cpu server
cpu [ -h server ] [ -c cmd args ... ]
Cpu starts an rc(1) running on the server machine, or the machine named in the $cpu environment variable if there is no -h option. Rc's standard input, output, and error files will be /dev/cons in the name space where the cpu command was invoked. Normally, cpu is run in an 81/2(1) window on a terminal, so rc output goes to that window, and input comes from the keyboard when that window is current. Rc's cur- rent directory is the working directory of the cpu command itself. The name space for the new rc is an analogue of the name space where the cpu command was invoked: it is the same except for architecture- dependent bindings such as /bin and the use of fast paths to file servers, if available. If a -c argument is present, the remainder of the command line is executed by rc on the server, and then cpu exits. The name space is built by running /usr/$user/lib/profile with the root of the invoking name space bound to /mnt/term. The service envi- ronment variable is set to cpu; the cputype and objtype environment variables reflect the server's architecture.
The name space of the terminal side of the cpu command is mounted on the CPU side on directory /mnt/term.
rc(1), 81/2(1)
Binds and mounts done after the terminal lib/profile is run are not reflected in the new name space. CPU(1)

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