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cpu%/mem% usage, scripting, dzen2: howto learn bash the hard way


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Old Unix and Linux 08-17-2008   -   Original Discussion by broli
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i have been reading about how to sort arrays. and now i understand why you did this

NR > 5 { mem[$12] = $10; }

but the problem is, how do i print the array index ?
i need $12 later on

until i can fix that "retieval" of the value, i dont see how to integrate the memory calculation into the next awk

altho i have integrated the cpu part in one awk, and only that, nor more exhos Linux

im gettign there Linux


while :
	top -b -n 1 > /tmp/salidatop
	awk '	NR==3 { printf "^fg(green)CPU %2.f%% ** ",$5 } \
		NR==8, NR==12 { printf "[^fg(cyan)%s(^fg(red)%s^fg(green)]--",$12,$9 } \
		END { print ">>" } ' /tmp/salidatop

	memper=$(awk 'NR==4 { total=$2; free=$6; buffers=$8}
			NR==5 { cached=$8 }

			END {   
	        	sub( "k","",total)
		        sub( "k","",free)
			sub( "k","",buffers)
			sub( "k","",cached)

			suma = free + buffers + cached
			porcentaje = (suma * 100) / total
			printf "%2.f\n",porcentaje }' /tmp/salidatop)

	echo -n "^fg(green)MEM $memper% ** "
	sort -r -n -k10 /tmp/salidatop | awk 'NR<=5 { printf "[^fg(cyan)%s(^fg(red)%s^fg(green)]--",$12,$10 } \
						END { print ">>" } ' 

	sleep 4

done | dzen2 -ta l -u -l 1 -x 20 -y 710 -w 660 -e 'onstart=lower,uncollapse'

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