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Which GCC Built My Kernel?

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Operating Systems Linux Gentoo Which GCC Built My Kernel?
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Which GCC Built My Kernel?

I'm playing around with the kqemu accelerator for the QEMU virtualization software. I can't remember which version of gcc I used to build my kernel. I have 3.4.6 and 4.1.1 on this (Gentoo) system. I seem to remember there is some command I can run against binaries that will tell me what gcc (and linker, etc..) built them. so far my searches have only turned up:

gcc -v (Shows me what version of GCC I have)


uname -a (which shows me all the kernel info except which GCC built it)

Any suggestions?
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Try nm on the binary and see what symbols it spits out.
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Originally Posted by porter
Try nm on the binary and see what symbols it spits out.
But if the binary is stripped i.e. built with the -s flag, then I dont think nm will output anything.
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cat /proc/version | head -n1 | cut -d" " -f1-3,5-7
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awk '{print $5,$6,$7}' /proc/version

or just
awk '{print $7}' /proc/version

to get the version number directly - 4.1.1 in my case.

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I've been on vacation, but the answers referring to /proc/version are exactly what I needed!Smilie

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