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Installing Red Hat Linux

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Installing Red Hat Linux

I intend to dual boot linux & Windows XP .

I've already installed windows. Its impossible to install Red Hat Linux in graphical mode the screen just goes blank shortly after booting with the linux cd

I succesfully installed in text mode. After booting the system I select Linux but the screen goes blank after some time. I put the same hard disk in a diffrent computer & Linux is OK

what could be the problem ?

My Video card is S3 Prosavage KM133
# 2  
It sounds like your video card is the issue. When it asks for a video card, try a generic one and see what happens. Also look on the manufactures site for any RH patches.
# 3  
boot with a live-cd, mount your rh / partition end edit the default runlevel in ../etc/inittab to runlevel 3

then download your graphics driver from your vendor, or search google, perhaps there is already a stable driver that you can download with up2date such as kmod-xxx

then boot your redhat again and install the driver, or if you know how, chroot to your rh / partition and load your redhat environment

don't know how to do this in redhat, in gentoo its chroot /dev/bla &&env-update
(perhaps someone can complete this issue)
# 4  
Thanks all for your assistance

I put the harddisk in a diffrent computer booted with Red Hat Linux & in graphical mode changed the graphics card from S3 Prosavage KM133 to VESA.

When I returned the harddisk to the original computer Linux was OK & its going to graphical mode without any hitch.

I hope this helps someone with a similar problem

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