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fedora problem

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fedora problem

I installed fedora core 6 on my inspiron 1501. After I boot it gives me the following error,
PCI: BIOS BUG #81(00000000) found.
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Pci Bug #81

Dear linuxuser,

I installed FC7 on an Acer Aspire 1503. I saw the same error and encountered sporadic boot and shutdown errors.

I tried ubuntu but couldn't get the graphics to work. I'm presently typing via FC6 on it's first boot - it has an earlier version of 'nash'. This might be relevant. I didn't see the error but the startup was too fast. I'll know soon.

I booted completly problem free with gentoo linux but didn't know where to take that next!

What I've discovered from searching the web is that there are a lot of posts about error BIOS BUG #81, followed by a differing 8-digit number in square brackets. The number may vary, but it's always BIOS BUG #81.

The platforms, hardware, numbers and efects vary. Do a search yourself and you'll see.

In my case with FC7 when the errors came, pressing a key on the keyboard would move the boot to the next stage; then the boot would pause until I generated another input, and so on. Like wise shutdown, where I almost always had to use the external switch to turn off on-board WiFi to complete the powerdown!

Like I said. Do a search and you'll discover it's a lot more prevalent than you might think.

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