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What do you use on your linux servers?

View Poll Results: What DIstribution do you use on the servers?
red_hat(aka fedora core) 2 50.00%
gentoo 1 25.00%
u/kubuntu 1 25.00%
*other 0 0%
Other debian-like distrs 0 0%
Other mandrake-like distrs 0 0%
debian 0 0%
mandrake (aka mandriva) 0 0%
slackware 0 0%
Voters: 4. This poll is closed

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Operating Systems Linux Gentoo What do you use on your linux servers?
# 8  
May I inquire why you felt that a second Linux distro poll was needed?
and where was the first? Smilie
It is possible for developers to develop 2 very different pieces of software
and is RH still develop? i thought, it has "died" at all...)
# 9  
Originally Posted by DCrystal
hm...and what does it mean?
It means we're writing software, not just using it.
# 10  
DCrystal, please review our rules and note rule 5 which is the only underlined rule:
(5) Search the forums database with your keywords before asking.

There is a link to our search engine on every page. Try putting in "linux distro poll" and you will find it. Other people have found it over 2000 times.

And yes, Red Hat is still developed, but you need to use precise terminology. Red Hat Linux is no longer developed. It split into two distros: Fedora Core and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (FC and RHEL).

RHEL 4 Update 4 was released on Aug 11, 2006
RHEL 5 is in Beta and the last beta release of it was Nov 20, 2006

RHEL 4 is based on FC 3
RHEL 5 is (will be) based on FC 6

Since this poll was created by someone not familiar with the other linux poll, I will close this poll.
# 11  
Search the forums database with your keywords before asking.
i tried to search Smilie though i didn't find anything
Try putting in "linux distro poll" and you will find it

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