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Not detecting CD ROm drive

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# 8  
What options did it give you, exactly? Which did you choose?

What error message does it give you, exactly, when?

What happened when you held down ctrl and alt then hit F2 with them? Nothing?
# 9  
Something's just occurred to me. They're up to version 11 by now, 6 is extremely old. Turbolinux isn't free, either. If you want to install Linux when you've already installed Windows, Fedoracore might be a better idea.
# 11  

Please help me with this I am new to Linux.
I have tried downloading the Fedora Core from Redhat
and burned the DVD and CD,
While installing it is not reading the DVD/CD.
Can you please help me with this?

Thanks Smilie

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# 13  
It is ACPI multiprocessor PC with Intel Pentium D processor
will this help or do you need somemore details,

Thank you

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