Linux server's

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Old 09-20-2006
Linux server's

Hello all !

Guy's I'm new to this forum , as you can see .It's my first post here .
First I want to say that , I instantly remark , that altough BSD section and other's are already made , some user's post about : I remember " help me with FreeBSD install" .FreeBSD is not Linux , altough , and if it is a forum especialy for BSD why don't post there.

O let point to the subject.I want to learn more about Linux server's ( in networking ).I saied that I'll take each distro and try to make server's with it , in idea geting Linux .
I work with Ubuntu ( suck's ) , Fedora 4 & 5 ( I like yum , but some thing's sucks' ) , Knoppix ( very good like LiveDVD ) , Debian ( really cool , someone recomanded it to me , and let's give it a try . apt-get I love it and I like it). I learn how to configure a FTP , HTTP , SQUID ( PROXY-HTTP ) , DNS , DHCP server , and maybe more .. I learn abut iptables , I hate them , I though theire like ACL 's ( from Cisco IOS ) , but when getting to them , i's like fun .I configure SNAT , DNAT , MASQ ( I have a router making DHCP ).I also learn how to compile myself a new / alternatively kernel .I install myself kernel 2.6.17 ( Linux ) , like a alterntive in menu.lst ( grub ) , I don't use lilo .I work it out , and I'm glad.

I learn about configuring IP's , DNS.. ( ifconfig ) , /etc/resolv .. mouting partition's , basicaly command's, working with Vi , I like it .. and many thing's , but I want more.

I want to learn more about Linux server's , other's tat I saied before ( know already ) , and more about Linux kernel , and more about Linux.
First learn configuring server's on the most of Linux distro's , then take again *BSD , but I have to learn more Linux , to get it better.Then , Solaris , AIX , etc.

I hearabout Plan9 , is something with it , good of something ?

Good luck ! Hope someone will give me a clue, link something to get to know more about Linux ( what I ask there ).

Cheer's !
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Old 09-20-2006
Use the forum search and you'll find plenty of people asking similar questions and getting links to good books and such. If you have specific questions this forum is the place to ask them, but "tell me about linux" is so broad a question the answer would fill books.

I don't think you need to learn 9 kinds of linux. Though arranged in somewhat different ways, they're nearly all the same at the core, just with different package managers and high-level management software. My personal reccomendation is gentoo because it's extremely flexible and has a package manager as easy as apt, but lots of people think it's crazy for compiling everything from scratch.

Plan 9 is not linux, or even UNIX. It's an "experimental" operating system that didn't really take off. It's not dead though, useful bits and pieces of it have ended up in all sorts of things. UTF-8 was originally part of Plan9, for example.

And it's servers, not server's.

I hate iptables too. hate hate hate. I use firehol to manage my firewalls, it's a language that outputs iptables statements but is far less obtuse and far easier to debug.

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