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regarding linux

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regarding linux


I want to compile some device driver programs on linux for my practice, so which linux os is most suited for doing r&d.

Thanks in advance
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As far as I know Slackware can be appropriate while this linux distro doesn't bring any modifications to the standard linux kernel.
So you can download original kernel source (from or some mirror) add your module, compile it, and nothing will be broken (perhaps Smilie )
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Well depends on you actually.....

Although Red Hat Linux9 can also be considered alongwith Slackware or I should say that it is the suitable one.

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I'd say gentoo's the most appropriate. It's easy to get all the debugging tools you want, and it manages to be flexible without carrying 9 metric tons of baggage with it; that is to say, you can do things like installing your own kernel without driving the installer absolutely bananas.
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Originally Posted by Hitori
I must warn that gentoo is too difficult for intermediate users
Arguable. The instructions are verbose and clear. Also, it will teach you more about linux than any other distro, and if you're not an advanced user, you certainly will be by the time you learn enough to write device drivers!
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Mr. Axes,

Every flavour of Linux has got certain features. So, it would be better if you can go ahead on your own as these sort of discussions will not lead to a better solution to your problem.

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