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Location log after process crontab

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Location log after process crontab

Hi... I want to know directori location and file name (log) after
crontab has been running.. (linux disto gentoo and sun solaris)

Because for long time maybe contain this log file becomes large.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi Sri....

If i'm not wrong then you want to know the location where the log file for crontab is stored and what is the exact file name....right????

# 4  

if that is the case then you can look into the directory --

/var/log and you will find files by the name cron, cron.1, cron.2.....etc.

There's a size specified for the file and if it grows larger than the specified file size, then it is named as cron.<a no.> and a new file for new logs is created by the name "cron ".

Although if you want to specify a different location for the cron log files, then edit the file /etc/syslog.conf and look for the entry given for cron and edit it and specify the new location.
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