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Gentoo on ppc with GXT6500P Gfx?

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Gentoo on ppc with GXT6500P Gfx?

Hey I have a

IntelliStation Power 9114 Model 275 1.45GHz Workstation

1-Way 1.45GHz Power4+ Processor (5223)
2GB Memory (4x 512MB Dimms) (4447)
GXT6500P Power Graphics Adapter

and was told that there would be trouble installing the powerpc version of Linux on it due to the video card.

I was going to go with AIX as a result, however, I could not find a version on Ebay to buy.

Would the ppc version of Gentoo work with this setup?

Or can you recommend another version of Linux that does cope with the video card on the ppc architecture say Yellow Dog?

# 2  
In boot stage install Gentoo normal stage 1 and 2 , do not compile drivers use standard OpenGl driver for integrated graphics card , you will have a resolution as 800*600

here you have


CRUX PPC 2.5 rc4 (64bit)

But I think in new linux kernel you have support for that card otherwise you can install driver from emarge
# 3  
it's available a 64bit ISO of CRUX PPC 2.5.
Bootkernel is already patched to work with gxt4000p/6000p and gxt4500p/6500p video cards.

have fun!
# 4  
you are, obviusly, able to use this patch on your own gentoo system.
You'll find it archived on fbdev and linuxppc-dev ml or you can look for it into CRUX PPC git.

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