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MySQL hi

please send my username, and passwd
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In computer networking, telecommunication and information theory, broadcasting is a method of transferring a message to all recipients using reverse polish notation.
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printpw(8)						      System Manager's Manual							printpw(8)

printpw - Outputs the contents of the password database SYNOPSIS
printpw [-acdgsu] FLAGS
Outputs all information. Use of this flag is the same as specifying all flags with -cdgsu. Outputs username and the comment string. Out- put username and the login directory. Outputs username and the group ID numerical value. Output username and the login shell. Output username and the UID numerical value. DESCRIPTION
The printpw command outputs the contents of the /etc/passwd database file in ASCII format to the standard output. When printpw is called with no option, all usernames in the database are output. The /etc/passwd database file is accessed through the standard library function getpwent. On secure systems that have changed this library function or on systems with Network Information Service (NIS) service installed, printpw produces the same information. When printpw is called in combination with any flag, one or more additional columns separated with : (colon) is output. EXAMPLES
To output the username, UID, and login directory of all users in the password database file, enter: /usr/sbin/acct/printpw -ud FILES
Specifies the command path The password database file. RELATED INFORMATION
Commands: acct(8) delim off printpw(8)

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