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what is the smit.script file and does it ever need to be cleaned up or deleted
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adding users via smit

I apologize if this is a simple/stupid question. When I add users in smit as root, many(most) of the fields are automatically popluated with some basic default values. Some other admins here have access to create users via sudo, however when they create users (sudo smit users), the user gets... (3 Replies)
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I was trying to do a search for this but I guess I wasn't using the right terms. I just installed AIX 6.1 on a new P7 server. The OS seemed to be a success, however now, when I go to 'smitty' I can't use the default commands liek F3, F4. Instead I have to type esc+3 or esc+4. Anyone seen this... (2 Replies)
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Hi everyone, I'm trying to keep my smit logs in other directory diferent than the user's home. I know with -l and -s you can change this settings but I'm wondering if there is any environment value that I can set. It can be done using alias too ... Thanx. (3 Replies)
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9. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers


Can someone tell me what the smit.script file does? I'm having a problem with one of my boxes pointing at the wrong webserver. This is the only place I can find the wrong address, but I'm not sure what the file does so I'm afraid to change it. (1 Reply)
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How to invoke SMIT GUI

Hi All I am using AIX 5.1, i have Cygwin-X installed on my Windows XP Pro desktop, I had started the X-Windows Session and logged into the remote AIX server via telnet. When i issue the command smit i only get the command line version of the SMIT, How can i invoke the SMIT GUI version ? ... (4 Replies)
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nqs2pbs(1B)								PBS							       nqs2pbs(1B)

nqs2pbs - convert NQS job scripts to PBS SYNOPSIS
nqs2pbs nqs_script [pbs_script] DESCRIPTION
This utility converts a existing NQS job script to work with PBS and NQS. The existing script is copied and PBS directives, #PBS , are inserted prior to each NQS directive #QSUB or #@$ , in the original script. Certain NQS date specification and options are not supported by PBS. A warning message will be displayed indicating the problem and the line of the script on which it occurred. If any unrecognizable NQS directives are encountered, an error message is displayed. The new PBS script will be deleted if any errors occur. OPERANDS
nqs_script Specifies the file name of the NQS script to convert. This file is not changed. pbs_script If specified, it is the name of the new PBS script. If not specified, the new file name is . NOTES
Converting NQS date specifications to the PBS form may result in a warning message and an incompleted converted date. PBS does not support date specifications of "today", "tomorrow", or the name of the days of the week such as "Monday". If any of these are encountered in a script, the PBS specification will contain only the time portion of the NQS specification, i.e. #PBS -a hhmm[.ss]. It is suggested that you specify the execution time on the qsub command line rather than in the script. Note that PBS will interpret a time specification without a date in the following way: - If the time specified has not yet been reached, the job will become eligible to run at that time today. - If the specified time has already passed when the job is submitted, the job will become eligible to run at that time tomorrow. PBS does not support time zone identifiers. All times are taken as local time. SEE ALSO
qsub(1B) Local nqs2pbs(1B)

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