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Data Did not receive activation mail

Hi Administrators,

I've registered myself yesterday and have been waiting for my account to be activated. I've followed the instructions in the 'See this if you have an account but cannot post ' thread to request for an activation mail to be sent to my other email address, but still did not receive any. I've also checked the email addresses and they are all correct.

Can you pls help?

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MSGCHK(1)                                                            [nmh-1.5]                                                           MSGCHK(1)

msgchk - check for messages SYNOPSIS
msgchk [-date | -nodate] [-notify all/mail/nomail ] [-nonotify all/mail/nomail ] [-host hostname] [-user username] [-sasl] [-saslmech mech- anism] [-snoop] [users ... ] [-version] [-help] DESCRIPTION
The msgchk program checks all known mail drops for mail waiting for you. For those drops which have mail for you, msgchk will indicate if it believes that you have seen the mail in question before. The -notify type switch indicates under what circumstances msgchk should produce a message. The default is -notify all which says that msgchk should always report the status of the users maildrop. Other values for `type' include `mail' which says that msgchk should report the status of waiting mail; and, `nomail' which says that msgchk should report the status of empty maildrops. The -nonotify type switch has the inverted sense, so -nonotify all directs msgchk to never report the status of maildrops. This is useful if the user wishes to check msgchk's exit status. A non-zero exit status indicates that mail was not waiting for at least one of the indicated users. If msgchk produces output, then the -date switch directs msgchk to print out the last date mail was read, if this can be determined. Using POP msgchk will normally check all the local mail drops, but if the option "pophost:" is set in the mts configuration file "mts.conf", or if the -host hostname switch is given, msgchk will query this POP service host as to the status of mail waiting. The default is for msgchk to assume that your account name on the POP server is the same as your current username. To specify a different username, use the `-user username' switch. When using POP, you will normally need to type the password for your account on the POP server, in order to retrieve your messages. It is possible to automate this process by creating a ".netrc" file containing your login account information for this POP server. For each POP server, this file should have a line of the following form. Replace the words mypopserver, mylogin, and mypassword with your own account information. machine mypopserver login mylogin password mypassword This ".netrc" file should be owned and readable only by you. For debugging purposes, there is also a switch -snoop, which will allow you to watch the POP transaction take place between you and the POP server. If nmh has been compiled with SASL support, the -sasl switch will enable the use of SASL authentication. Depending on the SASL mechanism used, this may require an additional password prompt from the user (but the ".netrc" file can be used to store this password). The -saslmech switch can be used to select a particular SASL mechanism. If SASL authentication is successful, inc will attempt to negotiate a security layer for session encryption. Encrypted traffic is labelled with `(encrypted)' and `(decrypted)' when viewing the POP transaction with the -snoop switch. FILES
$HOME/.mh_profile The user profile /etc/nmh/mts.conf nmh mts configuration file /var/mail/$USER Location of mail drop PROFILE COMPONENTS
`user' defaults to the current user `-date' `-notify all' CONTEXT
None MH.6.8 11 June 2012 MSGCHK(1)

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