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user name is incorrect

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user name is incorrect

Hello. I registered yesterday with a username of "kailor" and a password of removed. I could only logon with a username of "keithailor@comc" and the above password.

I want my username to become "kailor"
and my password to remain as removed.

Please email me with the steps to correct this.

Thank you.
Keith Ailor

Last edited by Perderabo; 03-31-2007 at 04:01 PM.. Reason: Remove the password!
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Please do not ever post your password for all the world to see. Since this is your only thread, I have deleted your user. Now create a new user for yourself and pick the user name you want. I also encourage you to to pick a different password and this time keep it private. Much as with Unix itself, as an Administrator, I cannot see users' passwords and I have no good reason to ask a user for his or her password.
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