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Special note to unregistered users

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Old 12-11-2006
Special note to unregistered users

This forum is intended only as a means to contact us if you are having trouble with your account. This forum is the only area on the site where even unregistered users can post. But because some spammers were using this to post spam, we have changed things a little bit. When an unregistered user posts, that post will go into a "Moderation Queue". A Moderator must approve the post before it actually become visible. So don't despair if you post something and it does not immediately show up. Your post have not been lost and will we get to it when we can. But, needless to say, any spam in the Moderation Queue will be deleted forthwith.

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XtAppAddTimeOut()														 XtAppAddTimeOut()

XtAppAddTimeOut - register a procedure to be called when a specified time elapses.

  XtIntervalId XtAppAddTimeOut(app_context, interval, proc, client_data)
	 XtAppContext app_context;
	 unsigned long interval;
	 XtTimerCallbackProc proc;
	 XtPointer client_data;

	    Specifies the application context in which the timer is to be set.

  interval  Specifies the time interval in milliseconds.

  proc	    Specifies the procedure that is to be called when the time expires.  See XtTimerCallbackProc(2).

	    Specifies data to be passed to proc when it is called.

  A handle of type XtIntervalId that can be used to unregister the timeout procedure with XtRemoveTimeOut().

  XtAppAddTimeOut()  registers, in application context app_context, a procedure proc, to be called by XtAppNextEvent() with client_data after
  interval milliseconds elapse.  The procedure is called once and automatically unregistered; it will not be called repeatedly every interval

  See XtTimerCallbackProc(2) for an explanation of how to write a timer callback.

  Timer  callbacks  are  automatically unregistered after they are triggered.  To have a callback called at a regular interval, call XtAppAd-
  dTimeOut() again from within the timer callback.

  A timer callback can be explicitly unregistered before it is invoked by calling XtRemoveTimeOut() with the XtIntervalId  returned  by  this

  The XtIntervalId type is defined as follows:

     typedef unsigned long XtIntervalId;

See Also
  XtAppNextEvent(1), XtRemoveTimeOut(1),

Xt - Event Handling														 XtAppAddTimeOut()

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