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Wrong answer to quiz

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Wrong answer to quiz

Your quiz:
"Variable names cannot be the same as any reserved word as the language would not be able to distinguish between them" => True
This answer is clearly wrong, have a look at Fortran which has NO reserved keywords ! The correct answer is FALSE.
You should not quiz about topics where you have an insufficient overview....
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Choosing a language that has no Keywords or no reserved terms, means it does not apply to such case, you should find a language with Keywords => reserved words, that accept you giving the same name to a variable before arguing and saying the correct answer is false

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You should not quiz about topics where you have an insufficient overview....
140,000 answers to quiz questions so far. One complaint. Let's do the math:

1/140,000. = 0.00000714 or 0.0007 percent of all who answered have complained so negatively like this.

I think it is probably fair to say that if you are in the 0.00000714 percentage of players, you have no right to complain so strongly.

Also, when people complain anonymously, strongly and impolitely, it shows poor character.

So, without any proof, I am keeping the answer "AS IS"...... as vbe suggests.

RESERVED words should NOT be used as variables. This is the way things are taught in computer science in every university.

Show us a credible computer science textbook that says otherwise and we will consider revising the question.

However, reply with a professional and courteous attitude, with facts and references to university level text books.

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Test Your Knowledge in Computers #545
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Global constants are variables whose values can be changed once the variable is set.
True or False?

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