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Believe answer to one of your questions is wrong re definition of <MOVED TO ADMIN AREA>

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Old 02-19-2020
Believe answer to one of your questions is wrong re definition of <MOVED TO ADMIN AREA>

Moderator's Comments:
Mod Comment Neo: I have copied this post to the admin forum so we do not start posting answers to questions in public forums, which will take the fun out of playing computer trivia. Iwill check the DB and get back to you, Mike Baran. In the future, the most important thing when anyone suspects an issue with a true /false statement is to record the trivia number. There are currently over 1000 questions and so we need the number to save time checking the DB. As always,, thanks! I will post back here the results of my research into this (done, see post #3 below).
Mike Baran
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Old 02-19-2020
Did you write down the Question number ? #...
The admin needs it to go and check...
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Old 02-19-2020
OK. Thanks again Mike Baran,

I have checked the DB and the answer is indeed "FALSE" and correct in the DB.

The reason the answer is FALSE is because one of the words in the definition is different than the actual definition. This is a bit tricky, but you know, that is the nature of TRUE/FALSE questions, they are either TRUE or FALSE.

For example (similar example as to not publish a question in the DB), if the statement in the TRUE / FALSE question is:

SDRAM stands for Synchronous dynamic random-access memories

The statement above is FALSE, because it should be:

SDRAM stands for Synchronous dynamic random-access memory

Which is TRUE.

The reason, of course is: memory != memories

In the T/F statement posted by Mike Baran, there was one word different than the actual definition (just like in the example above), so the answer is indeed FALSE, not TRUE.

This, admittedly, was a bit of a tricky question. If you want the details Mike, please message me your email address (WhatsApp, LinkedIn, PM here is OK too) and I'll email you the exact details on that particular question. I hope you understand the importance of keeping the questions a bit confidential, especially the questions with the answers, because that would take the fun out of playing trivia, if the questions and answers were in public.

Regarding precise "tricky" questions in the DB of over 1000 trivia questions, there are a handful of these "need precision" questions, so please read them carefully, like you would with any credible TRUE / FALSE exam question at your university.

In computer programming, if you were testing / comparing strings in a program, "Hello World" does not equal "Hello Worlds" and a conditional test would be FALSE, not TRUE.

As mentioned, there are only a handful of these kinds of "be precise" statements in the trivia DB, but they do exist, so please read the questions carefully.

Thanks for posting.

The next time someone has a public question on a trivia question, it is best to say "Hey guys, please check question #14. I think it might be wrong." (for example) This is why all questions are numbered. If you message me, it is also good to provide the question # (as vbe mentioned), as this saves valuable time looking and searching the DB, and insures precision. At this time, we have over 1000 T/F computer trivia questions in the DB. It is possible, there may be even more later this year.

Finally, if anyone would like to submit T/F questions for the DB, please let me know.

Thanks again!
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Old 02-20-2020

I checked the DB, and the trivial question posed by Mike has been answered 123 times so far and of those 123 times, there have been 47 wrong answers.

(123 - 47) / 123 = 61.7% CORRECT.

The overall computer trivia score for all guests (in the same "guest" group as Mike Baran) is 63.8%,

This means that this "be precise in reading" question has been answered correctly by guests in a very close correlation to all questions answered in general by all guests; and so, statistically speaking, this leads me to believe (without rigorous proof) that most trivia players read the questions carefully, since that is the nature of TRUE / FALSE questions, generally speaking.

On the other hand, I have seen in the DB where some users answer questions at various intervals, some like to answer very fast and move on to the next question, some answer more slowly. Maybe someday I will write some code to try to determine the average rate of play for players and see if there is any correlation to player scores.

I know that, for me, I was taught to read T/F exam questions at least twice. Sometimes, I think I even scan them backward, LOL.

But like in all things, we are all different. Some chess players love speed chess. Others chess players prefer to sit and think out each move (like me) carefully. I've never been a fan of rapid chess, but others love it.

Anyway, I hope this helps.

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Old 02-20-2020

Please note there may be some issues with nuance in the English language (for some people); for example non-native English speakers may not understand that "memory" != "memories" and "electronic" != "electrically" and so forth. However, we cannot write computer trivia questions which work for all possible human language variations; and as everyone knows, this is an "English language site" (stated in the community rules and guidelines as well). I do not want to "dumb every single question down" so non-native English speakers will have an "easier time" (if that is indeed an issue, see next paragraph).

In addition, the current HIGH SCORE, is by a non-native English speaker (vbe) who has been very helpful in debugging a few questions even though English is not his mother tongue (his native language is French). Also note that the country at the top of the country scoreboard is Switzerland, and of course English is not the native language in beautiful Switzerland either.


I think things are fine... to be honest.

If anyone has an issue with a T/F statement, please make sure you record the question number. It's easy to do!



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