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User banned, requesting to revoke the ban.

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Contact Us Forum Support Area for Unregistered Users & Account Problems User banned, requesting to revoke the ban.
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User banned, requesting to revoke the ban.

My username is abhilashnair. I was banned recently for deleting my post. I wish to apologise for disregarding forum rules. I request you to revoke my ban and give me one more chance if possible, i assure you that I will abide by all rules henceforth
Since this is really informative forum and rich in resources, I wish to continue using the website
Kindly consider my request
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Will do.

Thanks for posting back so sincerely to the community here.
These 2 Users Gave Thanks to Neo For This Post:
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Ban on user abhilashnair reversed.

Thank you in advance for following community rules and guidelines.
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Thanks a lot for reversing my ban. I assure that I would henceforth follow all the forum rules

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