Password sent via reset password email is 'weak' and won't allow me to change my password

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Old 12-16-2019
Password sent via reset password email is 'weak' and won't allow me to change my password

I was unable to login and so used the "Forgotten Password' process. I was sent a NEWLY-PROVIDED password and a link through which my password could be changed. The NEWLY-PROVIDED password allowed me to login.

Following the provided link I attempted to update my password to one of my own choosing. I am prompted for my current password, to which I supply the NEWLY-PROVIDED password just sent to me as well as entering a 'new' password of my own choosing (which meets all requirements). The change fails with the error message "Current password is weak". Note the 'weak' password causing this failure is the one sent to me in response to a Forgotten Password request. The 'new' password of my choosing does meet all requirements and was entered properly in both text boxes.
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Old 12-16-2019
Yes, that is correct.

We are not yet enforcing the PW rule that all users much have strong passwords at this time (so I thought) and only providing a status message.

Glad to see you are logged in now.

However, you can easily change your password to a stronger password if you wish, as I recall.

No one else has reported a problem in the last year, but that does not mean there are no bugs to squash. In fact, it sounds like you found a bug where the temporary password generated for users when they have lost their password is "weak" and that "weak generated password" is causing problems?

Do you need me to debug this, or are you OK now?

If you want me to spend time debugging this, I can do it.

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