I need technical support

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I need technical support

I need to create script to send mail to different group mail is like abc@gmail.com is group name and this group having 10 members. so how i can add the name of group and it resolve the members email id from the group and send mail automatically? how to do it by unix cmds. please help me

here in export mailto= currently i am using different mail ids but i need to use group of mail ids in that place like mailto=abc@gmail.com.

For using this group is there any need to do changes in permission of group and how.
please let me know
rm /base/app/etl/work/base_Disk_Space_Tuot.csv;
df -k /base/app/ > /base/app/etl/work/base_Disk_Space_Tuot.csv; 
export MAILFROM="hema@gmail.com"
export MAILTO="hemae@gmail.com hema.bhure@gmail.com"
export SUBJECT="Attached Report For base_Total_Disk_Space_Utilization"
export BODY=""
export ATTACH="/base/app/etl/work/base_Disk_Space_Tuot.csv"
export MAILPART=`uuidgen` ## Generates Unique ID
export MAILPART_BODY=`uuidgen` ## Generates Unique ID
 echo "From: $MAILFROM"
 echo "To: $MAILTO"
 echo "Subject: $SUBJECT"
 echo "Hello Team,
Please find attached file for TOTAL SPACE FOR app!!!! 

 --------------- This is automated mail. Please do not reply to this mail------------------"
uuencode $ATTACH $(basename  $ATTACH)
 echo "--$MAILPART--"
) | /usr/sbin/sendmail $MAILTO

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Please note in the future we we create a new area on the site where unregistered users can post technical questions.

However, this particular forum is for user registration and other support questions related to the use of the forums.
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