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Reactivation e-mail resent but didn't arrive.
I'm not in one of the 4 banned countries.
Please advise ...

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msgchk(1)						      General Commands Manual							 msgchk(1)

msgchk - check for messages (only available within the message handling system, mh) SYNOPSIS
msgchk [-help] [-nodate] [-notify all | | | mail | | | nomail] [users ... ] OPTIONS
Prints a list of the valid options for this command. Prints the date when you last read your mail. This is the default behavior of msgchk. The -nodate option can be used of you do not want to print this date. Indicates under what circumstances msgchk should produce a message. There are three legal values: all, mail, and nomail. The default is -notify all, which reports the status of the maildrop regardless of whether it has mail in it or not. The -notify mail option reports the status of the maildrop only if there is mail waiting. The -notify nomail option reports the status of the maildrop only if there is no mail in it. Specifies the source which are checked for mail. The only value allowed is file, which is the user's maildrop. Additional values are supported only for use with other mail systems. DESCRIPTION
The msgchk program checks all known mail drops for mail that is waiting for you. It displays whether you have mail waiting to be read or not and shows the date that you last read your mail. You can check other user's maildrops by specifying their user names as the users argument on the command line. RESTRICTIONS
msgchk does not understand the $MAILDROP environmental variable. If mail is fetched from a location other than /usr/spool/mail/$USER, msgchk will not be able to determine if new mail has arrived. However, inc can still be used to fetch mail when it arrives. For this version, the -source option only supports the value file. Additional values are supported for use only with other mail systems. EXAMPLES
This example shows a user Smith checking his own maildrop: % msgchk Smith: New file source mail waiting ; last read on Tue, 07 Jun 1988 17:21:49 WET The next example shows a user checking the maildrops of two other local users on the same system, Rabb and Jones: % msgchk Rabb Jones Rabb: No file-source mail waiting ; last read on Tue, 07 Jun 1997 13:22:25 WET Jones: New file source mail waiting ; last read on Tue, 07 Jun 1997 17:30:05 WET FILES
The user profile. The system customization file. The user's maildrop. SEE ALSO
inc(1) msgchk(1)

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