Regarding registration email for new user

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Contact Us Forum Support Area for Unregistered Users & Account Problems Regarding registration email for new user
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Regarding registration email for new user

Hello Moderators,

Greetings !!

This is regarding my friend to whom I refered this forum to learn UNIX. User didn't receieved any registration email yet, could you please help user. Will be grateful to you on same.

Login name: Gurvinder_Kaur

NOTE: User doesn't have enough bits for posting this post so on behalf of user I am posting this.

R. Singh
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rt-email-group-admin(8) 				     Request Tracker Reference					   rt-email-group-admin(8)

rt-email-group-admin - Command line tool for administrating NotifyGroup actions SYNOPSIS
rt-email-group-admin --list rt-email-group-admin --create 'Notify foo team' --group Foo rt-email-group-admin --create 'Notify foo team as comment' --comment --group Foo rt-email-group-admin --create 'Notify group Foo and Bar' --group Foo --group Bar rt-email-group-admin --create 'Notify user' --user rt-email-group-admin --create 'Notify VIPs' --user rt-email-group-admin --add 'Notify VIPs' --user --group vip1 --user rt-email-group-admin --rename 'Notify VIPs' --newname 'Inform VIPs' rt-email-group-admin --switch 'Notify VIPs' rt-email-group-admin --delete 'Notify user' DESCRIPTION
This script list, create, modify or delete scrip actions in the RT DB. Once you've created an action you can use it in a scrip. For example you can create the following action using this script: rt-email-group-admin --create 'Notify developers' --group 'Development Team' Then you can add the followoing scrip to your Bugs queue: Condition: On Create Action: Notify developers Template: Transaction Stage: TransactionCreate Your development team will be notified on every new ticket in the queue. USAGE
rt-email-group-admin --COMMAND ARGS COMMANDS
list Lists actions and its descriptions. create NAME [--comment] [--group GNAME] [--user UNAME] Creates new action with NAME and adds users and/or groups to its recipient list. Would be notify as comment if --comment specified. add NAME [--group GNAME] [--user UNAME] Adds groups and/or users to recipients of the action NAME. delete NAME Deletes action NAME if scrips doesn't use it. switch NAME Switch action NAME from notify as correspondence to comment and back. rename NAME --newname NEWNAME Renames action NAME to NEWNAME. NOTES If command has option --group or --user then you can use it more then once, if other is not specified. AUTHOR
Ruslan U. Zakirov <> SEE ALSO
RT::Action::NotifyGroup, RT::Action::NotifyGroupAsComment perl v5.14.2 2013-05-22 rt-email-group-admin(8)

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