Losing the connection

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Losing the connection


Recently when I'm logged in to site after some seconds, for instance, I lose the connection and need sign in again. It happens on Firefox and Chrome.
Or another example, when I'm logged in to site and click on my nick name (right up corner) I lose the connection to site.

User: tiago

Some suggestion?

Tks !
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asadmin-delete-connection-group(1AS)				   User Commands			      asadmin-delete-connection-group(1AS)

delete-connection--group - deletes the connection group
delete-connection-group --user user_name --password password --host hostname --port admin_port_number --instance instance_name --httplistener http_listener_ID connection_group_ID Deletes the connection group for the named connection group ID associated with the named server instance..
--user identifies the user name associated with the named instance. --password identifies the password associated with the user name. --host identifies the host name for the machine. --port identifies the administrator port number associated with the hostname. --instance identifies the name of the instance associated with the JVM option to be created. --httplistener a unique identifier for the HTTP listener. connection_group_ID a unique identifier for the connection group. asadmin% delete-connection-group
unknown asadmin-create-connection-group(1AS) asadmin-list-connection-groups(1AS) J2EE 1.4 SDK March 2004 asadmin-delete-connection-group(1AS)

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