Retrieve all old threads of a forum.

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Retrieve all old threads of a forum.

Is it possible to retrieve all old threads of a forum?
For example, I am interested in the shell programming part for tons examples on shell scripting.
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Hi, yifangt.

Everything is there, searchable, dating back to 2001, as far as I can see.

What exactly are you looking for? A "tar file" of old posts? We don't offer that, I'm afraid, but, as I say, all content is otherwise available via the search menu.
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I prefer a tar file of the old posts (only the shell script programming section), if possible. What's in my mind are:
  1. those can be viewed off-line;
  2. make a collection of the good examples as a handy reference.
Thought this could be done easily, but not sure the possibility.

Thanks anyway!

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tarball old posts

Hi Scott:
Not sure I have replied or not, after waiting for your response.
Anyway, what I meant is to have a tarball would be nice. At least these two are in my mind:
  1. Those examples can be viewed off-line, and of course search-able if re-organized/categorized/grouped, instead of html format, although syntax highlight maybe gone;
  2. There are many examples that can be a handy reference.

Aren't those file are stored in a folder of the web-server?


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I just had to approve both your previous posts.

We might want to retrain our Bayesian spam filter at this point, given how many posts you have!

No, there's no "tarball" of historical posts. It encourages theft, and we take exception to our members' intellect appearing, especially unaccredited, in other forums.
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That's totally understandable.
# 7 has had many other sites attempt to mirror or wrap our content without permission and slap their name on it. It's taken a fair amount of effort to stop them.

I had to approve that post too. I'm not sure why the filter is catching them.
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