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Registration User Name Rejected

Unix Admin

Registration process refused two user names.

I may have already registered here and

it's kicking me out because of email address but

giving me username msg.

What's the solution to this?

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AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::Registration(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation		    AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::Registration(3pm)

AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::Registration - Handles all tasks of in band registration SYNOPSIS
my $con = AnyEvent::XMPP::Connection->new (...); $con->reg_cb (stream_pre_authentication => sub { my ($con) = @_; my $reg = AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::Registration->new (connection => $con); $reg->send_registration_request (sub { my ($reg, $form, $error) = @_; if ($error) { # error handling } else { my $af = $form->try_fillout_registration ("tester", "secret"); $reg->submit_form ($af, sub { my ($reg, $ok, $error, $form) = @_; if ($ok) { # registered successfully! $con->authenticate } else { # error if ($form) { # we got an alternative form! # fill it out and submit it with C<submit_form> again } } }); } }); 0 }); DESCRIPTION
This module handles all tasks of in band registration that are possible and specified by XEP-0077. It's mainly a helper class that eases some tasks such as submitting and retrieving a form. METHODS
new (%args) This is the constructor for a registration object. connection This must be a AnyEvent::XMPP::Connection (or some other subclass of that) object. This argument is required. send_registration_request ($cb) This method sends a register form request. $cb will be called when either the form arrived or an error occured. The first argument of $cb is always $self. If the form arrived the second argument of $cb will be a AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::RegisterForm object. If an error occured the second argument will be undef and the third argument will be a AnyEvent::XMPP::Error::Register object. For hints how AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::RegisterForm should be filled out look in XEP-0077. Either you have legacy form fields, out of band data or a data form. See also try_fillout_registration in AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::RegisterForm. send_unregistration_request ($cb) This method sends an unregistration request. For description of the semantics of the callback in $cb plase look in the description of the "submit_form" method below. send_password_change_request ($username, $password, $cb) This method sends a password change request for the user $username with the new password $password. For description of the semantics of the callback in $cb plase look in the description of the "submit_form" method below. submit_form ($form, $cb) This method submits the $form which should be of type AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::RegisterForm and should be an answer form. $con is the connection on which to send this form. $cb is the callback that will be called once the form has been submitted and either an error or success was received. The first argument to the callback will be the AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::Registration object, the second will be a boolean value that is true when the form was successfully transmitted and everything is fine. If the second argument is false then the third argument is a AnyEvent::XMPP::Error::Register object. If the error contained a data form which is required to successfully make the request then the fourth argument will be a AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::RegisterForm which you should fill out and send again with "submit_form". For the semantics of such an error form see also XEP-0077. AUTHOR
Robin Redeker, "<elmex at>", JID: "<elmex at>" COPYRIGHT &; LICENSE Copyright 2007, 2008 Robin Redeker, all rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.14.2 2012-01-23 AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::Registration(3pm)

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