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Hey Scott, what's going on? I still can't post. After you sent me private message I can't reply to it. It says I have to have 10 posts to reply. And what do you mean why I need 10 posts - I needed 10 posts to ask a question.

From the beginning:
1. I registered to ask a question.
2. I activated my account via email.
3. When I wanted to create a new thread, message appeared that I have to have 10 posts.
4. I looked for a sub-forum where I can post 10 posts, and there was no such sub-forum.

And you know the rest - I had to be creative.

But the problem is I still can't post or ask/reply to private messages - I need 10 posts. I don't understand - is this some kind of joke or what?
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Your current IP is in a region we have blocked. To have registered you must have circumvented that block.

Also, all members with fewer than 10 posts are prohibited from sending PMs. You were only able to PM me because you had somehow created 10 useless posts, all of which I removed, which explains why you could not reply to my PM!

I have updated your account. You should now be able to post (but not yet PM!).
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OK, thanks
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You're welcome Smilie

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