See this if you have an account but cannot post

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See this if you have an account but cannot post

When you established your account, one piece of information you provided was an email address. The forum software sent you an email with instructions on how to to activate your account. Until you open that email and follow the instructions in it, your account will be disabled.

You can check to see if your account is in this state by following this procedure:
1. Make sure that you have logged on with your user name and password.
2. Go to our home page,, and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
3. Near the bottom of the page is a list of users who are on. Click your user name.
4. You are now viewing your profile. Does it say: "Users Awaiting Email Confirmation"? If so, you have not activated your account.

You can also get yourself into this state if you are an established user by changing your email address.

If you gave an invalid email address you will not have a way to fix your account. All you can do, at present, is create another account.

If your email address is valid, you can request another copy of the activation email: resend activation information
If you have the activation code, you can enter it manually together with your user name on: The Activation Form
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Another symptom that may cause confusion is our use of the "Moderation Queue". There are a lot of unscrupulous people who join our site simply to post advertisements. We are using software to fight them. If a relatively new user creates a post that has a link or a sequence of characters that might be a disguised link or any one of a number of keywords, the post or thread is placed on the moderation queue. A moderator must then review the post and approve it before it becomes visible.

This has helped us keep the site spam free. But sometimes it moderates a post that doesn't look like it matched the criteria. We're sorry if this causes a delay in making your post visible, but please be patient. We have a large staff of moderators and one of them will get to your post as soon as possible.
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Man Pages

Unix did not exist in the first two years of Unix history. The first actual unix man pages were written by Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson at the direction of Doug McIlroy in 1971. The Unix Programmer's Manual was first published on November 3, 1971. The Unix Programmer's Manual also contained a set of short papers describing of operating system features. The printed version of the Unix Programmer's manual was originally contained in a single binder. As of PWB/UNIX and the 7th Edition of Research Unix these documents were split into two volumes with the printed man pages forming Volume 1. Later versions of the Unix documentation followed the concise style of the early man pages. Dennis Ritchie added a "How to get started" section to the Third Edition introduction. Lorinda Cherry provided the "Purple Card" pocket reference for the Sixth and Seventh Editions. For the Fourth Edition the man pages were formatted using the troff typesetting package and its set of -man macros. These macros were completely revised between the Sixth and Seventh Editions of the Unix Programmer's Manual and have not changed much since the "good ole' days".
In the early days of Unix the availability of online documentation through a man page system was regarded as a great advance in computing. The modern descendants of 4.4BSD also distributed man pages as system documentation. Virtually every Unix command line application comes with a man page and many Unix users perceive a command's lack of a man page as a sign of low quality. Debian, for example, has written man pages for numerous programs which originally had no man page.
Please enjoy and help our forum community by "showing your work" and posting your code, even when your code is not working as expected. To help others help you, please wrap your code blocks, sample input, sample output, error messages, and other data in CODE tags and wrap your short commands and short data objects in ICODE tags. We were all beginners in the beginning. If you have any questions about how to register or how to post, please contact us in Live Chat. Thank you and enjoy this "forever free" technical support community for UNIX, Linux and computer information technology in general.