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Support for FireFox Add-Ons

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Support for FireFox Add-Ons

Please post here if you have any questions or issues (or just want to discuss or comment) about the following browser add-ons:

The Unix and Linux Forums (

This add-on adds a custom search engine to the Firefox search bar to quickly search The UNIX and Linux Forums ( using the forum's custom Google site search engine.

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3D Sound Support Classes(3)                                            Coin                                            3D Sound Support Classes(3)

3D Sound Support Classes - Classes class SoAudioDevice The SoAudioDevice class is used to control an audio device. The SoAudioDevice class is responsible for initialization of an audio device, as well as enabling and disabling sound. It is a singleton class. " class SoListener The SoListener class defines listener attributes used when rendering sound. When rendering geometry, one needs to have a camera defining certain attributes related to vieweing. The SoListener plays a similar role when it comes to rendering audio. " class SoVRMLAudioClip The SoVRMLAudioClip class is used to load and store audio data. Audio data is loaded using the simage library, so make sure you have built the simage library with support for the audio file formats you intend to use (libogg, libvorbis and libvorbisfile for OggVorbis, libsndfile for WAV and several other formats). " class SoVRMLSound The SoVRMLSound class is used to represent a sound source. The detailed class documentation is taken verbatim from the VRML97 standard (ISO/IEC 14772-1:1997). It is copyright The Web3D Consortium, and is used by permission of the Consortium: " Detailed Description Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for Coin from the source code. Version 3.1.3 Wed May 23 2012 3D Sound Support Classes(3)

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