Number of disks, space available, files systems ?

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Old 09-29-2002
Bug Number of disks, space available, files systems ?


When I am logged on a Unix machine, I would like get a maximum of informations related to the number of disks used, the space available, the description of the different files systems.

I'm using Unix OSF1 V4.0.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Old 09-29-2002

The commands "df" and "du" will help you get started collecting information about your file systems (e.g. layout and usage). Reviewing the man pages for these commands (e.g. "man df") should get you off on the right foot.

Obtaining information about physical disks tends to be specific to your hardware configuration, the version of UNIX you are running, and if a logical volume manager (e.g. Veritas) is being used to manage the disks.

Posting your operating system should get you more detailed responses.

Hope this helps!

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Old 09-30-2002
Firstly, many thanks for your help.
I'm using Unix OSF1 V4.0.

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