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Old 08-19-2002
Error Cannot adjust division

I have a doubt with an error message, and i want to be sure if this is a normal situation or not.

Situation: I was formating and installing a SCSI 36Gb HD with UNIX SCO 5.05, the problem happens when is making the division and filesystem on disk 1, and the message error is "Exit value 139 Status Value -29952"
"Fatal error in diskinfo.c line 3525"
"Function DIAdJust Division: Cannot adjust division to fit in the usable space: Disk0"


My questions are: What is the recomended size of the divisions that i have to make?, The problem is the size of the HardDisk? or Maybe this HardDisk is not supported by UNIX SCO 5.05

example: this are the divisions that i made
boot -- 50 mb
swap -- 1Gb
root -- 1Gb
/u -- 22Gb
/u2 -- 10Gb

/a -- 20Gb
/a2 -- 14Gb

The error mesage appears in both disks

Any comment about this problem itīs gonna be very useful for us,
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Old 08-20-2002
Since no one is commenting on your problem, I will tell what I would try next. Just make a single 1 GB partition on the disk and see if that works. If it doesn't, the disk probably isn't going to work at all. If it does work, try it again but increasing the size. You may find that the OS has some max size of disk that it can handle which is much lower than 36 GB. Do you have any vendor support at all? If so, check for disk driver patches.
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